Thursday, March 22, 2012

All About Laser Insurance

Laser class sail boat is probably the most famous sailing boat amongst sailing fans. It is a small sailing dinghy which can be sailed by either one or two people. This boat was basically designed specifically to carry it on the top of cars when people go out for weekend camping. With slight modifications the laser boat became the most loved sailing boat ever. The reason why laser boats become more successful than any other sailing boats was because of the ease with which the boat could be handled even by a beginner and also the surprisingly low prices for this kind of sailing boats. As the popularity of laser sailing increased the manufactures of laser boats began making some serious modifications so that it can be used in official races. Soon enough the Laser boat sailing was incorporated into Olympics in the year 1996.

If you are interested in buying a laser sailing boat for yourself or you already own this type of boat, then you need to consider buying laser insurance for your water craft. You need to understand that even though the initial investment is less compared to other water craft you still need to take care of the capital you have invested. Purchasing laser insurance provides you with financial cover allowing you to enjoy the fun of sailing without having to worry about anything.

The basic insurance policy for this type of water craft is relatively similar to the policies covering any other type of water craft. The most basic policy is the physical damage and accident cover policy, which covers for the expenses towards repair if your boat meets with an accident or has been vandalized. The second type of policy is the fire protection policy, which covers the financial expenses towards restoring your sail boat if it were damaged by any fire accident. The third one is the liability policy which protects you if you were to be sued by any other people due to an accident or damage caused by your boat.

When you are buying laser insurance policy you should know there are several ways on how you can get yourself a very low quote on your policy. The first trick is to show that you park your sail boat in a safe place like a garage or a boat house when not in use. This will attract low quotes on anti theft policy. The second trick is to show that the person using the boat has some sort of experience or qualification in the form of a sailing certificate or championship participation certificate. This allows you to get a low quote on accident or damage insurance policy.

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