Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reasons to Be Denied Boat Insurance

Owning a boat can be a very great adventure for everyone that has one. You are able to head out on the wide open seas and explore the world. When you buy a boat, it seems like everyone wants to be your friend. Weekends will be planned and days at sea will take over your life. Just like buying a car you will want to protect your new investment. Boat insurance is something that is necessary to protect your boat from the unknown wonders of the sea. However, do not think that you can just go out and get a policy. Some buyers are surprised to find that they will actually be denied coverage. To save you the hassle, this article will take a look at some of the most common reasons that people are denied boat insurance. Make sure that your boat does not fall into these categories and you should be on your way to wonderful weekends in the water.

One obvious reason that you will be denied boat insurance is that the boat itself is in bad condition. Hopefully you are not buying a boat in bad condition. If you are, expect that you will need to do a lot of work to make the boat pass inspection. If you put the work into your boat, not only will you have a great policy, you will make a lot of people jealous on the seas.

Just because you have a boat does not mean that you can act like a crazy person on the water. Believe it or not, you can still be ticketed for your behavior on the water. Speeding, drinking, and moving violations are all things that you can get while in the water. If you have too many of these violations then you can be denied coverage. At the same time if you have too many driving infractions they may deny you coverage on your boat. Just make sure that you are having fun and being responsible at the same time.

Another thing to keep in mind is the intended purpose and size of your boat. I know you might want the biggest and best boat on the water, but if it is too big then a regular policy may not be right for you. Talk to your insurance provider to find the best boat insurance policy for your vessel. Also, most companies will only insure your boat if you are intending to use it for personal use. If for some reason it will be used otherwise, you might have to get a different kind of policy.

Boats are meant to be fun and exciting. There are just a few reasons why you should not be able to get insurance. If you are worried about the type of coverage that you will receive then you can talk to your insurance provider before purchasing to find out what policy would be best for you. Some companies will even offer you discounted boat insurance rates for grouping your different policies together. Once you are insured you are ready to head out and have fun in the sun.

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